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International Women's Day

Episode Summary

Hey Trybe!!! In alignment with International Women’s Day, I am talking with different women from all over the world to celebrate and talk about this year's theme of women's efforts through leadership in a COVID-19 world. This crisis has highlighted the contribution and burden that women carry from being a mother, teacher, health-worker, and entrepreneur. As these women lead, not only in their businesses, corporate jobs but also in life. These women share their transformation and changes that they encountered during covid-19. Today, I am talking with Lisa Balthaser, Arlene Santiago, Risha Ferdinand, and Sapphire Kharyzma You can connect with them: Join the 365 Days of Hearing God’s word movement, click the link and sign up today I am excited to be on this full year journey of hearing God’s word with you. Instagram: @doingbusinesswithgod @unikorntrybe Facebook Group: Unikorn Trybe Website:

Episode Notes

What You'll Learn from This Podcast: 

5:49 - How has COVID-19 affected their leadership in their business and daily life

7:07 - What innovate ways they did to pivot their business 

10:10 - How does COVID 19 affected the country - Trinidad 

14:02 - Their thoughts where they see online space in the next 2 more years 

22:20 - How people they are connected working in Corporate has greeted affected by COVID-19 

24:34 - How did they overcome the lockdown all by themselves

31;30 - how they navigate the whole teaching-kid at home

39: 22 - How does COVID-19 affect their relationship from their family and loved-one who lives far away

46:17 - the most unusual business they know online

48:44 -How virtual learning has greatly affected single and working mothers and special needs children

58:17 - Biggest wins and biggest loses during the COVID-19 

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