Doing Business With God™

The idea of starting a business, nonprofit or ministry or being a full-time entrepreneur can leave you feeling unsure of how to launch what you know God is calling you to do. All while learning how to allow God to be the C.E.O. (chief executive officer) of your life, business, nonprofit or ministry. This podcast will help you get started, help you grow, build, scale and monetize a business, nonprofit or ministry all while serving God. Doing Business with God™ podcast will be a combination of an interview and solo host format. Episodes will come out on a weekly basis. I will interview nonprofits, ministries, entrepreneurs, online business owners, authors, bloggers, influencers and people overcoming major challenges to win in life and business. We will talk all things, business, nonprofit, ministry, entrepreneurship, mindset, beliefs, manifestation, monetization and so much more.... Mechi Renee is a Business & Monenization Coach and the COO and Co-Founder of Unikorn Trybe, Christian entrepreneur, journeying life and business God's way.